2019 – 2022 RAM eTorque Problems

eTorque is a revolutionary technology expected to make vehicles, especially RAM 1500, more fuel-efficient and comfortable. This system also increases hauling ability and enhances drivability. However, it comes with its own share of problems.

The most commonly reported 2019-2022 eTorque problems include the following:

  • Abrupt engine shut-off 
  • Automatic emergency brake activation
  • Suddenly stop working
  • Only functions when AC or ventilated seats are off
  • An incorrect battery voltage reading
  • Faulty oil pump
  • Cooling system problems
  • Rocker arm problems
  • Cylinder head failure

Some of the above eTorque problems can increase your chances of accidents and injuries when driving. Read on as we explain each of them and offer possible solutions.

2019 Ram eTorque Problems And Solutions

2019 RAM trucks with eTorque systems attract many buyers, but you should stay away from them for safety reasons. Until the manufacturer addresses the issues, they may put your life and that of other road users on the line.

2019 RAM eTorque common problems and solutions
2019 RAM trucks may encounter abrupt engine shut-off, the thing you should do here is to restart the engine

The following are the most common problems of the RAM 1500 eTorque system as reported by different users:

Abrupt Engine Shut-off

An abrupt engine shut-off is a common problem that many 2019 RAM 1500 with eTorque system users experience. This happens even when driving at highway speeds or low speeds. According to the report, the engine stalls when taking a left or right turn, which requires low engine speed.

Adaptive Cruise Control could be activated automatically when the engine stalls abruptly. Credit: Youtube.com

After the engine stalls abruptly, the ignition automatically switches to adaptive cruise control (ACC). This mechanism can only reduce the risks of a fatal accident, but the chances are still high. The lives of highway drivers still remain on the line because you may not have enough time to react to the unexpected engine shut-off.


If you are lucky after the abrupt engine shut-off, safely park your car and wait for a minute or two before restarting the engine. It will crank without any problems. However, it may again shut off after a few minutes. So, you may need to repeat the process for about 5-7 before the engine becomes stable for a long run.

Restarting your engine in just a few minutes may not be a permanent solution. It is better to contact your dealer and take the car for further diagnostics to identify and fix the problem.

Suddenly Stop Working

2019 RAM 1500 with eTorque system users are also experiencing system failure. It is more frequent with older models, but new ones occasionally have it.

battery problems
Battery getting failed is the most popular when eTorque encounters system failures. Credit: pchall (challengertalk.com)

The most probable cause of eTorque system failure is battery problems. As your car gets old, the battery becomes too weak to support it. Also, parking your truck in the garage for weeks before using it can cause battery damage, leading to eTorque failure.

The eTorque system is also prone to wear and tear. Over time, it begins to fail more often, even if the battery bank is new and fully charged.


A quick solution to the problem is a battery replacement or charging the battery before a scheduled short trip. If that does not work, you may need to replace the motor-generator unit housed in the engine compartment. That, however, can be costly if your truck is out of warranty.

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2020 Ram eTorque Problems And Solutions

The reliability of the eTorque system improves with every model. However, some problems are inherent. The risks of abrupt engine shut-off and system failure may be low, but they still exist in the 2020 RAM eTorque system.

2020 RAM eTorque common problems and solutions
Besides having some issues the same as the 2019 version, the 2020 RAM also has some problems related to car battery reading as well as the AC system.

Apart from the problems of the 2019 RAM 1500 eTorque system, the 2020 models have additional issues. These include the following:

Issue When Using AC Or Ventilated Seats

This is the most commonly reported 2020 RAM 1500 eTorque system. It does not work when using AC or ventilated seats. Similarly, these electrical consumers will not turn on when using the eTorque system.

If either AC or ventilated seats are on, you will get an error message on the information center. It tells you that the eTorque system is not working.


This issue is complex and requires experienced mechanics to fix. It often originates from the truck’s eternal system that interrupts the normal functioning of these electrical consumers.

An Incorrect Battery Voltage Reading

bad battery reading
eTorque system can lead to reading the voltage incorrectly. Credit: Youtube.com

Your truck has a battery monitoring system that constantly reads the voltage across its terminals. Installing the eTorque system can sometimes interfere, leading to incorrect voltage reading.


This process seems simple, but fixing it can take days. Contact your dealer for the best solution, unlike taking your truck to a mechanic. Also, you have to be patient when the dealer is working on it.

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2021 Ram eTorque Problems And Solutions

2021 RAM eTorque common problems and solutions
Although the manufacturer addressed some problems existing in previous models, the 2021 RAM still has its own issues.

The newer 2021 RAM eTorque model may be better than the previous ones. However, it also has its unique challenges, which include the following:

Faulty Oil Pump

The 2021 RAM eTorque systems are known to trigger oil pump failure. This leads to low oil pressure, which can also cause other more severe damages to your truck.


You should get a warning message or a dashboard light corresponding to the oil pump problem. If you do, don’t waste any more time. Contact your mechanic for further diagnostics and fix this issue before escalation.

Cooling System Problems

Problems with cooling system
Drain the cooling system and flush it out with clean water to remove the sand deposits. Credit: Negatize (ramforumz.com)

The FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) uses a sand-casting process when making a Pentastar. These sand deposits should be cleared before installing cylinder heads. However, that does not happen sometimes. So, some engines leave the production line with these sand deposits.

Such engines experience cooling system problems due to sand buildup, causing Pentastar-related problems. Over time, water pumps, radiators, heating cores, and coolants become faulty or inefficient to cool the engine.


The only way to fix the problem is to drain the cooling system and flush it out with clean water to remove the sand deposits. You may also need to replace any damaged components for the system to work efficiently again.

Rocker Arm Problems

eTorque system can also cause problems to the rocker arm. This component is also located on the cylinder head. Many causes of rocker arm damage exist. The first one is related to the manufacturing process. Some of these components can be brittle and develop cracks.

rocker arm
The rocker arm is located on the cylinder head. Credit: Gabe Paterson (ramforum.com)

Another possible cause is a faulty timing belt or chain, which can be related to the eTorque system. It prevents the engine from igniting and turning over appropriately, damaging rocker arms, valves, and pushrods.


Solving these problems requires skills that a DIYer may not possess. The best approach is to contact your dealer if you have issues with the rocker arm to conduct further diagnostics and fix them.

Cylinder Head Failure

Cylinder head failure leads to engine breakdown. It often results from overheating if the cooling system is malfunctioning.


Contact an experienced mechanic or take your truck to the dealer to perform further diagnostics and solve the problem. Like many other engine-related issues, you won’t be able to handle them at home.

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2022 Ram eTorque Problems And Solutions

2022 RAM eTorque common problems and solutions
The 2022 RAM is the brand new model in this series, but it is not perfect. It still faces some issues.

The 2022 RAM 1500 eTorque is the newest model that people believe is more reliable than its predecessors. However, it also causes an abrupt engine shut-off and automatic emergency brake activation.

Automatic Emergency Brake Activation

emergency braking activation
2022 RAM owners could experience emergency braking activation when driving or turning left or right. Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Most users have had horrible experiences when vehicles stall at highway speeds and activate emergency breaks. This also happens when turning left or right. Since all this happens abruptly, the risk of other motorists slamming into you becomes high.


Unfortunately, there is no known solution to this problem. Mechanics even say that there is no related code stored in the computer system after scanning it. That leaves the problem a mystery.

Until the manufacturer comes up with a solution and explanation, this eTorque system problem will still cause more chaos and economic disruption globally.


eTorque system failure and related problems are inherent and spread across different models. This technology enhances drivability, provides more torque for towing, and improves fuel economy. But it now seems to be more disadvantageous on RAM 1500 trucks. 

Unfortunately, most of the problems require resources and skills to fix, which adds to the total cost of maintaining the vehicle. Hopefully, they can be resolved sooner rather than later so that the eTorque system can be reliable and live up to its expectation.

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